Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tornado Typhoon (1958, England)

In 1958 the British company presents its new model Tornado Tornado Typhoon Sportbrake.
In addition to plug-in modules, the firm manufactured Tornado sports cars that date two and four parking spaces in the form of coupes and cabriolets. Its fiber-body cars have racks mounted on cash, the headlights are covered by a Plexiglas baffle while the intake manifold of two bodies the bonnet crown. The engines of 1,200 cc and 2,000 are provided by Ford and Triumph respectively.
Based on the model of fourth places Typhoon increased wheelbase, the model is developed Sportbrake combi. The roof is extended until the end of the body and a door as practicable to the top back. This vehicle is equipped with a four-cylinder engine line and lateral operated valves, provided by Ford.
With its 55 hp engine reaches 150 km / h. Sportbrake The model is manufactured until 1962 and became a model for a number of sports combined in subsequent years the market will draw other manufacturers.

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