Sunday, June 13, 2010

ford T (1908, USA)

The Model T was the first vehicle for the middle class. This vehicle was designed by Henry Ford himself, and manufactured by the company owned, Ford Motor Company. Its sale began on October 1, 1908 and continued until 1927, achieving total sales of 15,007,034 units.

The Model T was the first vehicle built in assembly line, which allowed its price decreased each year. in 1908 the price of a unit was $ 825, reduced in 1916 to only $ 360. This price reduction achieved by 1919 that more than half of cars circulating in the United States were Ford Model T.

With a four-cylinder engine and only 20 horsepower maximum speed reached de71 km / h, weighing more than interesting for the time of 1200 kg and consuming one liter per 5.1 km.

Innovations included the Model T than other vehicles of competition is not offered as was the steering wheel located on the left side of great value to the entry and exit of passengers, also incorporating technical breakthroughs as the whole engine block, crankcase and crankshaft a single unit, using an alloy steel resistant vanadium.

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