Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rolls-Royce Wraith (1938, UK)

The Wraith is the latest Rolls-Royce manufactured before the Second World War. In this model the experienced motor mounts Online 25/30 overhead valve and camshaft side, so a gravity Stromberg carburetor. The engine of 4.3 liters wonderfully quiet, generates an output shown as Rolls-Royce enough, but genuine "is estimated to reach 115 hp. The maximum speed is 135 km / h. The chassis, with independent suspension front wheels, is somewhat shorter than the predecessor model. The battle, reduced to 3.46 m, is the same as the Phantom III, which facilitates the mounting of various bodies. The same frame was used to model Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith of the war.
Despite having a weight exceeding 2.5 tonnes, the wraith is handled with ease, and lets the driver forget the large size of the vehicle. The fast acceleration, good performance of the brakes and steering and excellent balance on the road, providing a quick and safe driving.
With this feature set, the British brand offers a quality unattainable for many manufacturers.

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