Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Duesenberg J (1928, USA)

In late 1928 he launched the new model J Duesenberg Company. The eight-cylinder car is the most powerful, fastest and most expensive of all American cars of the time.

The brothers Fred and August Duesenberg Model J presented with their masterpiece. The engine of 6.8 liters and an output of 265 CV reaches high speeds, leaving all competitors in the U.S. market. The powerful motor shows that builders are more interested in a high performance model in a good vehivulo everyday.

The Duesenberg J engine with four valves and two camshafts in the head was developed by Luoming. Each vehicle is subjected to a long-term tests in Indianapolis, before ordering body-builders selected to manufacture the body, according to individual specifications by the customer.
However, this has its price. This luxury model is better than a Rolls-Royce. However, the company managed to sell about 470 units to 1937

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  1. A friend has a white one sitting in her backyard, which is in need of a big restoration. Has a pouncing cat hood ornament on it. She's not sure how to go about selling it, or how much to ask for it. Front grill is dented but headlamps are in fine shape. Spare tire still encased on the side. Any suggestions? Please email: mashuka8424@msn.com with the subject line Duesenberg J. Thanks.